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Incubate & Scale Your Office
Eupath knows firsthand the challenges and opportunities that outsourcing presents for small, midsize and emerging businesses. Using our extensive experience of setting up a variety of offshore offices in India, we have developed an "Incubate and Scale" model that is NOT outsourcing and is a great fit for clients with smaller scale specialized operations.
The "Incubate and Scale" office option provides the following benefits to companies:
» Startup at smaller scale with low initial investments and pass-through expenses.
» Gain full visibility to costs.
» Hire employees using a local expert, with your input and final say.
» Focus on delivering your proprietary projects, leaving local management to Eupath.
As your office is set-up and is running, we take care of the day to day operations such as procurement, regulatory, finance, HR and IT functions while you focus on delivering your work. Once you attain success in delivering projects and are comfortable in managing all the center operations, you can comfortably scale your office. Our approach increases the speed of implementation while reducing your risk and cost.
You do not need to be a Fortune 500 company to set up operations in India . Using our "Incubate and Scale" model, you can get up and running by investing in an initial team of just 12 people.
You can start your offshore operations within nine (9) weeks of starting our engagement.
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