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Larger Offshore Office Set-up
Companies that are comfortable in management of technology development, analytics and innovation, look to offshoring not only to reduce costs but also to grow. Moving development, maintenance and management of some or all projects is a way of extending their geographic footprint. Such companies use offshore offices to gain access to specialized labor and lower-cost resources, and have a 3 to 5 year plan and commitment to scale their offshore organization.
Using the Larger Office Set-up services of Eupath you can focus on operational success while set-up related issues are managed by our local experts. The set-up is done with your full input, knowledge and approval. Our team becomes an extension of your organization for the set-up and initial administration period.
This approach by Eupath is designed to enable and complement your team. You get involved in all key decisions. We advise and provide our experience to your team, and you take over the operations when you're ready after a sufficient ramp-up and value-up period.
You can start your offshore operations within 19 - 21 weeks of starting our engagement.
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