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Mission & Values
"The proof of the value for Eupath is in the results - we now own a successful operation running in India . Eupath has earned our trust and we are engaged with them in a mutually beneficial relationship for the long run."

- CEO of a leading provider of IT helpdesk and Siebel implementation services to life sciences companies

"We were very pleased with the incubation services of Eupath. Their team helped us build our initial team within 2 months of our engagement with them.  Setting up an office offshore was important to us because of our need to scale and keep our proprietary business processes in-house.  After incubating our office with Eupath for 1 year, we used Eupath's help in establishing our own office for software development and other areas. Eupath continues to administer that office for us. Eupath team is responsive, professional and results-oriented. Eupath is highly recommended."

- CIO of a leading US company for multi-family property management software

"Eupath team was critical to setting up our document review center for our legal operations consulting group in India . They were able to quickly recruit lawyers for our operation and were instrumental in the day-to-day management of the operations. The Eupath team is detail-oriented, transparent and focused on making us India-savvy.  We highly recommend Eupath's incubation services for companies that want to reduce costs but are worried about loss of control over operations and home-grown processes"

- Managing Director of a leading operations consulting company in US

"Their true value showed not just in their knowledge of India or their ability to manage any detail on the ground, but in their experience in building and operating businesses across geographies and across cultures."

- Chairman and CEO of the largest applications services provider in the US for enterprise applications

"Eupath was  our trusted partner for advice, planning and implementation of our offshoring initiative in  India . Their detailed financial analyses, qualitative insights and comprehensive RFP process were highly valuable and influential in our selection of the India-based 3 rd party outsourcer. They were consistently looking out for and advocating our best interests."

- CEO of a leading provider of late-stage clinical, sales, marketing and compliance solutions to life sciences companies

"Eupath enables forward looking companies to move aggressively with confidence as they expand globally."

- VP, Product Development at a leading application service provider

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